We Teach : - English - Computer -Marth P.7 
S.1 - S.6 French - Arabic -Luganda -Tailoring & Hair Dressing
1. Communicate effectively utilizing the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
2. Understand and apply both practical and analytical concepts and skills in mathematics and science.
3. Demonstrate higher-order thinking, goal-setting and problem-solving skills through analysis, synthesis, conceptual application and
4. Demonstrate honesty, respect for others, respect for property and respect for our environment.
5. Demonstrate work habits such as punctuality, reliability, perseverance and good conduct essential for academic and employment success
6. Develop a positive self image.
7. Engage in independent and cooperative learning activities.
8. Understand and apply the rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship in a democracy.
10. Exhibit a positive attitude toward lifetime fitness and wellness.
11. Explore basic career processes involving aptitude/ability assessments; demonstrate skills necessary in utilization of career information
12. Develop the ability to manage time effectively.
13. Understand diversity and respect individual differences
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Old Kampala adult school was started by Lucky Henry a Ugandan in grace estate nursery school kakajjo 1 zone in Kampala, Uganda
in 2009.  A student by then at Kithende College in senior four second term, with an aim of helping refugees including Oromo
and Amarik from Ethiopia who gave him support to further his vision. Later in the same year towards the end of 2009
Congolese joined. Our main aim was to make communication easier for the foreigners in Uganda with ugandans and other people in the country.
The number by then was only 30 students; however there was no financial support met from those students, but they kept on mobilizing
themselves till 2010 when the school got a financial muscle which led us to sub rent with great care nursery and primary school.
There Hawa,  Adam and other  Senegalese students strengthened our financial muscle and we shifted to Kampala primary school, where
the number accumulated to 150 students due to the influx of Somalia’s in 2012. We got a lot of assistance from Mr. Kulumba who
was the H/M in all teaching and pleading for the school in terms of difficulties in finances.
To eradicate illiteracy and contribute to professional Excellency
through continued innovations world wide
To deliver educational services to the people in order to erase
inferiority complex in the global society
Skills development generations
Team work
1. To work with Government agencies, ministries, and international organisations to promote education in uganda
2. To initiate, conduct and assist various categories of people who did not get a chance to learn how to read and write at early age
3. To equip and train students vocational skills that enable them to understand and respond to global challenges and complexities.
4. To impart technical knowledge and skills to those interested in public management and administered public processes
                                OUR ACHIEVEMENTS 
We have managed to teach 5000 adults from 2009 to 2017 from ten African countries including Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda,
Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, Rwanda, Congo, Comoros and Tanzania.  
                      OUR TARGET FOR THE NEAR FUTURE
Our target is to have 30,000 graduates by 2020 that will be able to transform African continent in all different angles, especially in
entrepreneurship, political and social skills hence eradicating illiteracy and inferiority complexes.
To open the gates of learning for the students through introducing them to the key subjects of learning like English which is in
the lead among other courses offered by the school.
To instill in practical skills among the students through   teaching subjects like computers,   tailoring, Hair dressing, English,
Mathematics etc.  for the students to apply in their daily lives such as Business, Entrepreneurship, Banking etc.
The school also offers career guidelines for the students through advising those who would wish to further their studies to enroll
in some special programs for the same.